Court Upholds Silverman Thompson’s $36 Million Judgment

Silverman Thompson

Silverman Thompson attorneys succeeded in obtaining and preserving a $36 Million judgment entered in favor of the firm’s clients and against a Caribbean medical school and its president for fraud, breach of contract, and unpaid employment compensation. After a full-day evidentiary hearing that included the testimony of the medical school’s president and its legal adviser, Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Audrey Creighton upheld the $36 million judgment and denied the Motion to Vacate that had been filed by the school and its president. The ruling was an enormous victory for the firm’s clients, who the Court had previously found were victims of a concerted scheme that preyed upon their gentle nature, good will, and age.

Ramsay Whitworth, a partner in firm’s business litigation department, represented the firm’s clients at the hearing, and Sima Fried, an associate in the business litigation department, provided substantial contributions to the research and drafting of the brief that was filed in opposition to the Motion to Vacate.

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