Steve Silverman: The Wolf of Smalltimore | 2024 Maryland Super Lawyers Magazine Cover Story

Silverman Thompson

“But big stories and bigger personalities still find their way to this so-called small town, and no one has seen more of them than Steve Silverman.”

We’re proud to see Managing Partner Steve Silverman on the cover of Maryland Super Lawyers 2024.

Steve Silverman, the Firm’s founder and managing partner, is renowned for his extensive litigation expertise in both civil and criminal cases. With a career spanning over three decades, Silverman has tackled high-profile cases involving police corruption, political scandals, and major sports litigation, such as concussion lawsuits against the NHL and NFL. His strategic acumen and commitment to justice have earned him accolades from clients and peers alike. Under his leadership, our Firm has grown to over 40 attorneys, solidifying our reputation as a premier legal institution in Maryland.

“Clients, peers and judges say he’s a straight shooter who puts people first and has a knack for trial work. In fact, Silverman hasn’t lost a criminal jury trial since 1994. But even after decades on the job, he’s still hungry for the challenge of finding the right strategy for each new case.

‘I’ve been a lawyer for 32 years,’ he says, ‘and I’ve still got a lot of game left. But I’m shocked that I still see things every day that I’ve never seen before. And that’s what kind of keeps you going.’”

Read the full article here: The Wolf of Smalltimore

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