Former Federal Prosecutor Andrew Norman Joins Firm

Former Assistant US Attorney Andrew Norman has joined the law firm of Silverman Thompson. Norman has a 30 year background in criminal law and is a welcome addition to the firm.

(Baltimore, Md) April 24, 2014

Andrew Norman, a longtime Assistant U.S. Attorney who helped lead a powerful federal financial-crimes task force and later became a U.S. Department of Justice legal adviser to the Iraqi judiciary, has joined the Baltimore law firm of Silverman Thompson, it was announced Friday.

“When it comes to criminal law, Andrew Norman has done it all,” said Steve Silverman, managing partner of Silverman Thompson. “From high-profile murder cases to complex narcotics networks, from sex offenses to white-collar and other financial crimes, there’s no problem he isn’t fully prepared to handle. He is a fantastic addition to the firm and will be an even greater asset to our clients.”

Mr. Norman’s background in criminal law spans more than 30 years and includes handling some of the biggest and most noteworthy prosecutions in the District of Maryland.

Earlier in his career at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Mr. Norman helped convict drug gangs, “white-collar” criminals, and child pornographers. In one of his more famous cases, he partnered with the show America’s Most Wanted to identify and later convict a dangerous child molester. Mr. Norman’s work in that case later led to the uncovering of widespread scheme for distributing child pornography and the first-ever federal sentence of life without parole for exploiting children.

As coordinator for the District of Maryland’s Federal Financial Crimes Task Force, Mr. Norman collaborated with the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and other federal law enforcement agencies to prosecute white-collar offenses, including large-scale money laundering and fraud. He also secured the convictions of dozens of high-level drug dealers while serving on a federal task force to combat narcotics organizations. Mr. Norman also served with distinction as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Washington County, Md., where he launched and served as the first prosecutor for the Washington County narcotics task force.

While serving as an Assistant U.S. Attorney between 2006 and 2011, Mr. Norman worked as a legal adviser to judges in Iraq, where he helped create a special tribunal for the prosecution of terrorism suspects.

Most recently, Mr. Norman worked in the Civil Division of the United States Attorney’s office. In that position, he was responsible for handling a wide range of federal civil matters, including financial litigation related to federal forfeitures and restitution orders. This experience will serve him well in representing clients in financial litigation with the United States Government.

“Silverman Thompson is without question one of the top criminal-defense firms in the mid-Atlantic,” said Mr. Norman, who will be an “of counsel” to the firm. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to be a part of this exceptional team.”

At the firm, Mr. Norman joins a number of esteemed criminal-defense attorneys including senior partner Andrew White, one of his former colleagues at the U.S. Attorney’s Office who is nationally recognized for his work in the Whitewater Independent Counsel’s investigation of President Clinton; senior partner Brian Thompson, a former state prosecutor who is a perennial “Super Lawyer” for criminal defense.

For further information, please contact Steve Silverman, Managing Partner at 800.385.2243.

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