Asset-Based Lending & Commercial Finance, Equipment Lease Financing and Secured Transactions

Growth Through Leverage

A growing and successful business may find itself holding a tiger by the tail — facing stagnation or failure, or losing a competitive edge because it lacks the capital needed to fund growth or meet other challenges organically. Whether a business needs cash to purchase raw material, hire a talented workforce, open new facilities, acquire equipment for operations, increase production to meet market demand, or for many other reasons, a commercial loan or equipment lease is often the answer.

Commercial financing takes many forms to provide key leverage for growth, diversification, business acquisitions, and daily operations. Commercial lenders provide access to capital that allows successful businesses to meet their goals.

On the lending side, Silverman Thompson’s experienced commercial finance professionals provide legal guidance and loan documentation services to commercial banks, institutional lenders, asset-based lenders, factors, and specialty finance firms around the country. Our attorneys have decades of experience negotiating and drafting loans, security agreements, intercreditor and subordination agreements in mezzanine and subordinated debt transactions, corporate and personal guaranties, and other credit enhancement vehicles, conditional forbearance agreements, among other tools of commercial lending. In addition to the “front end” of commercial finance, our attorneys enforce obligations evidenced by all these agreements in state, federal and bankruptcy courts every day, with hundreds of successful recoveries.

Our attorneys are cutting edge, regular contributors to the advancement of commercial finance law. Silverman Thompson partner Steven Leitess is a past president of the American College of Commercial Finance Lawyers and presently serves as chair of the Maryland delegation to the Uniform Law Commission. The ULC was instrumental in the drafting and continued modernization of the Uniform Commercial Code, perhaps the key component of the substantive law of commercial finance.

Representative industries with which Silverman Thompson attorneys have documented or enforced commercial finance transactions include:

  • Aviation
  • Commercial real estate
  • Construction
  • Cosmetics
  • Equipment leasing & finance
  • Factoring
  • Floorplan finance
  • Automobile and truck fleet financing
  • Healthcare
  • High tech
  • Hospitality & entertainment
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Railroad & rolling stock
  • Retail clothing
  • Retail electronics
  • Transportation
  • Trucking & logistics

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