Bankruptcy, Receivership and Creditors’ Rights

Bankruptcy is a Fact of Life in Business

Companies seek bankruptcy protection for many reasons. Bankruptcy is a powerful tool to reorganize struggling businesses or liquidate the assets of failed businesses. A bankruptcy filing is not necessarily the beginning of the end, it is often the beginning of something new.

Successfully navigating business bankruptcy cases means exploiting opportunities to maximize recoveries and minimize exposures. Handling bankruptcy cases in court is not the only role of a good insolvency lawyer — it is equally important to anticipate the possibility of insolvency in all business deals. Effective insolvency planning means ensuring the parties’ transaction documents put the client in the best possible position should a bankruptcy case or receivership be filed, or a restructuring or loan workout initiated. These things require an experienced, sophisticated, knowledgeable and creative law firm with the resources to handle large cases and knotty issues. The Firm’s skilled insolvency lawyers get great results for clients in complex business bankruptcy and receivership cases, and in negotiated restructurings and loan workouts, all over the country.

Whom do we represent? Just about every player in the insolvency realm: secured creditors, commercial landlords, unsecured creditors’ committees, receivers, trustees, examiners, liquidating agents, asset purchasers, guarantors and secondary obligors, and debtors’ key employees and management, among many others in bankruptcy adversary proceedings, contested matters, asset sales, and administrative matters.

One of the most fascinating aspects of any sophisticated insolvency practice is the attorneys’ need to address creditors’ rights in varied and diverse industries. While most non-bankruptcy lawyers focus on serving clients in a select industry, insolvency attorneys serve clients in industries of all descriptions. Silverman Thompson’s business bankruptcy lawyers have deep experience representing clients in many industries including asset-based lending, aviation, commercial real estate, construction, cosmetics, equipment finance, factoring, floorplan finance, automobile and truck fleet financing, healthcare, high tech, hospitality & entertainment, manufacturing, marine, mining, railroad & rolling stock, retail clothing, retail electronics, transportation, and trucking & logistics, to name a few.

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