Labor & Employment

Silverman Thompson attorneys have provided sound, practical, and timely advice on a range of employment issues for years to employers who may be the target of baseless litigation or are seeking to enforce their contractual rights: to executives and other high-level employees to recover withheld compensation, and to employees who have been the victims of discrimination or unfair or unreasonable employment practices. We prefer counseling and alternatives to litigation because, often, employment-related issues are simply business transactions gone awry, but we are well-heeled courtroom advocates who prepare every case for trial and relish the opportunity to present our client’s case to judge and jury.

Our lawyers have great familiarity with federal and state wage and hour laws, discrimination laws, and other employment-related law and, in particular, the shifting burdens and procedural requirements associated with federal discrimination laws, having prosecuted and defended numerous employment actions in federal and state courts over the years. We have obtained or defended against TROs and preliminary injunctions in federal and state court in employment-related matters and recognize how important it is to set the tone in any employment litigation.

On the counseling and transaction side, we have developed employee handbooks, negotiated non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, and severance packages. We also counsel employers facing potential liability as the result of their employees’ actions or omissions.

We have particular expertise in the lending industry, having served as outside general counsel to numerous regional lending companies on employment issues for over a decade.

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