Landlord / Tenant

At Silverman Thompson we know that disputes between Maryland landlords and tenants can range from district court proceedings to complicated litigation in circuit courts, appellate courts and federal courts over property damage, personal injury and lease terms. Our experienced lawyers can assist you with landlord/tenant issues of all levels of complexity in the most efficient way possible.

Our landlord/tenant attorneys represent commercial and residential landlords, property management companies, tenants, developers, investors, real estate investment trusts, franchisees, and brokers in landlord/tenant disputes. Our representation includes matters related to management, leasing, dispute resolution, development and construction for all types of residential, retail, office, industrial, hospitality, and mixed-used projects, and often includes drafting and reviewing residential and commercial leases, and initiating and/or defending legal actions.

Our skilled real estate lawyers have experience prosecuting and/or defending:

  • Breach of lease actions
  • Tenant holding over actions
  • Failure to pay rent actions
  • Rent escrow actions
  • Wrongful detainer actions
  • Breach of quiet enjoyment and/or warranty of habitability actions
  • Security deposit disputes
  • Actions involving property damage and/or personal injury
  • Claims of fraudulent inducement and/or fraudulent misrepresentation
  • Claims for monetary breaches
  • Class actions

Not only do we have a keen understanding of the landlord/tenant laws in Maryland, as well as local, state, and federal regulations affecting housing, but we can also advise you as to how local jurisdictions differ in application of the law.

Our clients include low income, state and/or federal subsidized residential housing that is project or voucher based. Our experience covers federal law including regulations promulgated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Fair Housing Act compliance, including reasonable accommodation requests, and housing discrimination allegations.

Property Management

The landlord/tenant attorneys at Silverman Thompson represent many of the premiere commercial and residential property management companies in the state. As experienced litigators, our attorneys routinely enforce lease terms, collect past due rents and other payment obligations, and recover possession of leased premises for the owners of retail, office, mixed-used, and conventional, as well as affordable residential projects. Our attorneys also assist clients in responding to potential areas of risk and establishing effective protections and responses to minimize liability.


The landlord/tenant lawyers at Silverman Thompson handle all aspects of structuring and negotiating commercial leasing transactions, and have experience representing clients to acquire, develop, lease and dispose of residential and commercial real estate. The real estate team at Silverman Thompson has experience in commercial leasing, including negotiating and documenting space leases, PAD leases, triple-net leases, and build-to-suit leases, as well as operational and management agreements.

Commercial Landlord / Tenant Disputes

The landlord/tenant lawyers at Silverman Thompson have many years of experience representing commercial landlords and tenants in lease and other disputes including claims for monetary damages, actions involving property damage and/or personal injury claims, injunctions, and claims of fraudulent inducement and/or fraudulent misrepresentation. We are effective at settling disputes without litigation where possible, but are experienced litigators that fight for the best results for our clients when litigation is unavoidable. The landlord/tenant lawyers at Silverman Thompson represent commercial landlords and tenants in state district courts, circuit courts, appellate courts, and federal courts.

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