Silverman Thompson Attorney Steven Kelly Testifies at the House of Representatives Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice

Attorney Steve J. Kelly provides testimony supporting H.J. Res. 45, the “Victims' Rights Amendment” where he advocates for victim inclusion in the criminal process: "Based on my observations, I can say with confidence that victim inclusion leads to better outcomes. Prosecutors who take the time to explain the process to victims often find powerful allies who provide vital information that helps make the case against defendants. In addition, appropriately injecting the victim into the trial, and especially the sentencing, puts a human face on what is otherwise a contest between a real, live, defendant and an inanimate “state” or “government.”"

After the rape and murder of his sister Mary in 1988, Mr. Kelly became involved in the victims’ right movement and is devoted to ensuring that crime victims and their families are afforded all their basic rights in the criminal process, including: the right to be notified of, to be present at and to hear all appropriate criminal proceedings; the right to compensation and restitution; the right to privacy; and the right to protection from the offender. He has achieved significant verdicts and settlements on behalf of crime victims in civil suits against criminal offenders and third parties. Mr. Kelly is one of a handful of lawyers across the country with experience in the interplay between crime victims' rights in civil and criminal proceedings.