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The personal injury attorneys at Silverman Thompson are regarded as leaders in the Baltimore area, throughout Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. The firm represents hundreds of personal injury victims and their family members in the region each year. We are proud that we successfully resolve hundreds of auto and trucking collision, slip/trip and fall accidents, dog bite attacks, premises liability, and product liability cases for our clients every year.

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Why Silverman Thompson?

While most injury firms charge the same percentage to handle your case, the selection of your law firm is critical to your outcome and success. We are different because…

  • We take a team approach to your case so you benefit from experienced attorneys regularly discussing your case and formulating creative individualized strategies to maximize your recovery.
  • We aggressively pursue the “big” insurance companies and defense firms. Unlike most law firms, we are not afraid to try cases. Our trial attorneys regularly try the cases that most other firms settle for low-ball offers and achieve record-breaking results. In doing so, we have pushed the limits and reset the bar for what is deemed fair and appropriate compensation for our clients. With each success, insurance companies and defense attorneys continue to learn that we are a formidable opponent and become more willing to pay our clients top dollar settlements.
  • We regularly communicate with our clients to keep you updated on the work we are doing to further your case and to ensure that we know how you are progressing with your recovery. The most successful cases are products of a trusting collaborative relationship between the client and their attorney.
  • Unlike the lawyers you routinely see advertising on television, radio, billboards, and buses, we remain your lawyer from beginning to end. The attorneys whose commercials and ads you have become accustomed to seeing are marketers and salesmen who are simply trying to gobble up a large volume of cases and refer them back out to other lawyers for a “piece of the action.” Most of these clients end up being passed around from lawyer to lawyer. They never develop a relationship with their lawyer, which is a key component to success. Their case is viewed as a commodity instead of what it should be, which is their one opportunity for justice. Insurance companies and defense firms know this and capitalize on these situations by refusing to settle cases or offering bottom dollar settlements to these firms. Ironically, many of these lawyers and firms eventually turn to us when they get in over their heads and realize they need an experienced litigation firm to achieve success. From the moment you sign with us, we are your attorneys and will remain your attorneys until justice is obtained.

The personal injury lawyers at Silverman Thompson are prepared to guide your case through the complex process of negotiations and, when necessary, we have the experience, resolve, and expertise to see your case through to trial. We are experienced in car accidents, trucking accidents, train crashes, bus accidents, drowning, and many other types of serious personal injury cases. All Maryland personal injury cases are accepted with no advance cost to the client.


How We Can Help in an Injury Case

We invite you to contact us or call our office at 410.385.2225 or 800.385.2243 for a complimentary consultation to see how we can make a difference for you.

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