Maryland State COVID-19 Emergency Relief Manufacturing Fund

  • What the Fund Offers:
    • Grants for up to $100,000 available to manufacturers to 1) increase existing capacity to produce critical pandemic response items or 2) quickly pivot operations to produce pandemic response items
    • Grant awards will vary based on the applicant’s total investment
    • Funds will be disbursed as follows: 50% at notice of award, with remaining 50% paid upon completion with proof of expenses
  • General Conditions for Entitlement:
    • Maryland business, demonstrating experience, technical expertise and financial stability
    • Evaluated on technical capability, operational experience, priority purchasing needs of the State of Maryland
    • Currently located, and plan to manufacture the products, in Maryland
    • In good standing
    • Demonstrate an ability to quickly implement the proposed project
  • Eligible Use of Funds:
    • Machinery and equipment, raw materials needed for production, and operating expenses associated with increased production.
  • To Apply: Manufacturing Innovation Grant Application

For more information, contact:

Ramsay M. Whitworth
Mark Edelson
Steve Leitess
Ilona Shparaga
Michael J. Levin

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