Investigations & White Collar Defense

Corporations today are being investigated, examined, and scrutinized like never before. Not only are corporations faced with investigations by federal officials, but also by a myriad of state government agencies, as well as private litigants complaining of illegal and unethical business practices at home and abroad. One of the most common mistakes made by corporations in this regard is the failure to respond in a timely and effective manner when allegations of misconduct arise. Frankly, the time for a corporation to deal with misconduct issues is often before an issue arises. In an effort to minimize risk, many companies often retain outside counsel to conduct an internal investigation and examine corporate practices. When any type of misconduct allegation is made, companies must react quickly, learn the facts, and take prompt remedial action. Conducting a complete and effective internal investigation protected by the attorney/client privilege can benefit companies by revealing the relevant facts and the extent of potential problems so management can best proceed. A thorough investigation can also stop ongoing misconduct and protect management from liability by documenting the issues and demonstrating a conscientious, thoughtful and timely response by the company.

Such a review should include:

  • Gathering and reviewing pertinent corporate documents and identifying potential problems and risks
  • Interviewing employees about corporate practices and conduct
  • Preparing privileged memoranda concerning findings and drafting concise written reports with strategies to identify and resolve compliance issues

Responding correctly at the outset can mean avoiding costly lawsuits and devastating prolonged enforcement actions by federal, state, and local authorities.

Attorneys at Silverman Thompson are adept at conducting thorough and cost-effective internal corporate investigations. Many of our attorneys are former federal and state prosecutors with extensive investigative experience in both criminal and civil matters. We can quickly examine allegations, conduct thorough investigations and make appropriate recommendations to corporate clients. Our firm also offers clients the insight and experience of a former United States District Judge and former chief judge on the Maryland Court of Appeals to help companies make the correct decisions regarding corporate investigations.

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