Maryland State COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Fund

  • What the Fund Offers:
    • Funding of up to $50,000 to small businesses impacted by COVID-19
  • General Conditions for Entitlement:
    • Businesses with 500 or fewer employees
    • Current on Unemployment Insurance taxes and in good standing with the Comptroller of Maryland and MD Labor
    • Can demonstrate a need for layoff aversion support due to the impacts of COVID-19
  • Eligible Use of Funds:
    • Purchasing remote access equipment (computers, printers, telephones, headsets, etc.)
    • Purchasing software programs or applications
    • Purchasing cleaning/sanitization supplies and/or services
    • Paying for additional liability insurance for restaurants
    • Supporting businesses that take advantage of the Unemployment Insurance Work Sharing Program by supplementing the employee’s income and benefits
  • Prohibited Use of Funds
    • Hazard pay
    • Employee wages/benefits other than those utilizing the Workshare Unemployment Insurance Program; and
    • Support services such as childcare, transportation costs, lodging expenses, or meals.
  • To Apply: Eligible businesses should submit completed applications electronically to:

For more information, contact:

Ramsay M. Whitworth
Mark Edelson
Steve Leitess
Ilona Shparaga
Michael J. Levin

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